Disturbances in Seemoto service 2021

Disturbances in Seemoto service 2021

22nd of October 2021

Seemoto break 19th of October 2021

On 19th of October at 6 to 7 AM (UTC 0)  there was a major power outage in Finland Tampere area. Unfortunately Seemoto cloud and MeshWorks Wireless Oy office are located in the same district and also they suffered from the failure. Seemoto was not accessible during that time. After the power failure was fixed, it was challenging to get all systems back to fully functional. The power outage also broke one of the routers, which caused some extra delay. During the day Seemoto worked OK at the background, but for some customers login was not successful. 

The problems caused by the power break were finally fixed in the evening and after that the systems and Seemoto has worked without any problems.

During the power failure and recovering period also sending and receiving emails were not possible, so information flow of the break was problematic. Because of this we faced problems in informing our customers. While even the Seemoto network page was not accessible, we could not use the after-login pop up message. Also informing customers via our web portal or by email was not possible.

We are learning from these experiences. We have started an activity to improve and secure the information sharing if system breaks happen. When we have our new process ready, we will inform our customers about it.

We apologize the inconvenience the power break might have caused.

with regards, Seemoto Customer Support

13th of January 2021

Dear Seemoto Customer,

By means of this document MeshWorks Wireless Oy, a corporation organized and existing under laws of Finland, proprietary owner of Seemoto brand confirms that

Due to insufficient performance of our data receiving system, we had some Seemoto services breaks and/or data not being real-time and/or slow responsive UI, between 21th of December 2020 and 1st of January 2021.

The problems started just before Christmas holiday season. Our IT-team made conclusion that problems were due to insufficient performance in data receiving services (data receiving related process servers were overloaded). Majority of this incoming data load is coming from thousands of vehicle GPS tracking devices operating around the globe. Ramping up new HW capacity in middle of Christmas holiday season was known to be difficult. The following corrective actions has been taken to minimize the problems:
1. Data receiving system implementation was reviewed and a few changes that improved the performance were made to software side. This was done immediately, just before Christmas.
2. The configuration of those, above mentioned, vehicle GPS tracking devices were reviewed – both configuration on remote device side as well as configuration on server side. All configurations were updated in optimal way. Hundreds of devices were configured to a mode, where less data and therefore load is generated to receiving servers. This was done around Christmas time.
3. Finally, 1st of January, the main corrective action was taken. We received new server hardware and the processing power of problematic data receiving process servers were doubled from earlier.
4. Changes have been made to the system to isolate those vehicle GPS tracking data related problems from other system. Overload in data receiving system does not affect to rest of the system anymore. This improves Seemoto service robustness.This was done 1st week of January.

With above actions we do not expect the same problem appear in near future. But because of the number of vehicle GPS tracking devices, gateways and sensors is rapidly increasing, we further continue working with this. As a result of this, an improved data receiving system will be taken into use later during this spring.
We are truly sorry for any inconvenience these problems in our service have caused to you.

Marko Kyrölä
CEO, MeshWorks Wireless Oy
Hatanpään valtatie 48
33900 Tampere, Finland

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